Show Us Your God

     Ours is a very complex society.  We live in an age of computers, robots and fiber optics.  We are identified more often by an account number than our name. In the midst of all this we find countless numbers of people filled with despair, bitterness, and feelings of isolation – especially during the holidays.  Without coming out and saying it, our society is longing for people like you and me to show them our God and make Him relevant to their lives.  They are seeking a sense of self-worth and to feel that they belong to a group somewhere.

     No, we won’t hear their cries with our ears.  But if we listen with our hearts, there is an unmistakable sound coming from them which is all too familiar.  We once sang the same song of lament and danced the same dance of uncertainty.  Like them, we were in search of God, even if we didn’t know it.  We tried the same idols they are now worshiping and did so with the same sad results.  How did we escape such a bog of hopelessness?  It required someone who actually knows God, who has experience with Him on an intimate, personal level to show Him to us. 

     In my situation that was difficult because many of the groups who were falsely claiming this knowledge kept getting in the way.  I was so very confused.  At last someone explained to me where real self-worth comes from; they shared the joy of being known as the people of God and how that made a difference in every phase of life.  I could see in their life that God was real. 

     That is exactly what the world is asking us to do today – to show by our lives that God is real; that His promises are for them.  They want to know they have a place of honor waiting for them in His family, a family that will never desert them and will always be ready to support them. 

     I (we, us) can only do this if the fellowship I have with the Father, His Son, and His people are what they are supposed to be.  If I am holding back or keeping others at arm’s length they will know the words I use are not true in my life.  Spouting Christian clichés while living like the rest of the world will be seen for what it is - hypocrisy.  We must show them the reality of God by our lives and our willingness to interact with them at their level. 

     Yes, it is a very great responsibility we have been given.  But if we don’t show them the true God, who will?  Who else is capable?